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What our parents and students are saying

"My daughter is fifteen and has always loved to sing. However, she is very very shy and unsure of herself. (I should say WAS). She heard about Rock U from a friend that participates. After she saw one show she wanted to join.

Of course I was skeptical thinking there is NO WAY she would get on stage in front of 100+ people! I explained to the leader that she has a terrible fear of talking or singing in front of people. This fear has hindered her from trying out for singing parts in school and participating in things that she would enjoy and be good at. So.. I was completely BLOWN AWAY when I saw my daughter singing at a Rock U concert in front of 100 or so people! SHOCKED at how far she has come in just 3 months. She is now on her second show and doing great! Of course there is a lot of hard work and practice that goes into it. I believe that the money spent on Rock U was more than worth it just to see my daughter feel great about herself and using her talent. She is also having a wonderful time and making many new friends! She has now tried out for a special singing event for school next year and made it, she was thrilled! Last year she absolutely refused to try out for anything! That alone was well worth the time and money!"
-Kathy, Parent
"We travel from Philadelphia just come to Old Towne Music. The school’s been fantastic with diversity in learning. Diversity- that’s the key to keep the student motivated and encouraged to continue. He’s been at it for two years. He’s made great strides. I’m very happy."

My two children take music lessons at Old Towne. The children love their teachers. They always are excited to share with me what they learned that day. My children have been learning and growing so much because of these lessons. Old Towne staff is great to work with! Very friendly and knowledgeable! I needed to make changes in scheduling and they have done everything they could to accommodate my children!
-Amy, Parent

"I’ve been taking lessons at Old Towne Music for two and a half years and it is awesome!!​"
-Ashley, Student

The team at this music school is professional and experienced. My sons love coming here.Having the retail store right here is so convenient too! Thanks Old Towne Music for being in our community. I refer friends all the time. You guys rock!!!
-Jolander, Parent

This is a great school to learn how to become a musician and / or vocalist, or to teach! There is a knowledgeable and friendly staff and dedicated, accomplished, experienced musicians and vocal instructors. The retail store and the individual studios are well stocked and equipped and always kept sanitized. A great place to buy equipment and to grow into a musician!

I have been a student at Old Towne Music for more than 15 years. Although I am not very talented, my teacher has been very patient with me and I finally can play guitar and sing halfway decently. The teachers I have had through the years have been excellent, especiallyFrank with whom I have had as a teacher for many years. I recently started percussion lessons with Sean and have made reasonably good progress. The fact that I have been a student there for as many years as I have should be an indication how I feel about Old Towne Music!
-Gerald, Student

I can not say enough good things about Old Towne Music especially the Rock University program. My son has grown so much as a musician in this program it is amazing. The two coordinators Dom and Mike are an invaluable asset to this program. Hands down if your child is an aspiring musician this is the program to be in. Love it.George- ParentAs a result of our daughter's music lessons with Music FunTime, she is more confident, communicative, and has developed an increased attention span, in addition to a growing appetite and appreciation for various types of music and musical instruments. All of this, and she is not even 2 years old! We are very much looking forward to continuing on this journey of discovery and learning with Music FunTime.
-Emory, Parent

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