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(AGES eight to eighteen)

ROCK U is a FUN way to boost your playing skills and get valuable on-stage experience!

Rock University is our group class that focuses on performing with a live Rock and Roll band. It allows students to take the practical knowledge and skills they get from our private lessons, and put them to a greater use. Each weekly band rehearsal lasts 3 hours, so the students can collaborate and rehearse with the goal of performing in two live concerts. Our instructors coach and guide Rock U students as they rehearse for 4 months (16 rehearsals). Then, we produce two rock concerts in a theater, club, or outdoor facility with professional sound and lighting. The concerts are free for students' family and friends to attend.

Rock U classes are the ultimate supplement to your child's musical journey! Each session students spend time honing their skills to perform some of the greatest Rock ‘n’Roll songs ever, while taking their playing skills to a new level. The combination of private lessons, group band rehearsals and live performance is a great formula for becoming anamazing musician.

Note: These are not one on one lessons so guitar and keyboard players need to know their basic chords, be able to change chords in rhythm, and drummers need to be able to keep a steady beat. To join, you'll need a recommendation from your teacher and an audition with our Rock University instructor!

Benefits of joining Rock U

• Play in a band
• Learn how to rehearse with a band
• Make new friends
• Play in a concert – Two concerts for each Rock U session
• Opportunity to play another instrument
• Gain confidence and ability to play with other musicians
• Strong emphasis on fun
• Values of self discipline – teamwork – dedication – knowledge – self confidence – hard-work – practice

Past Rock U shows have been held at World Café Live, Trocaderro, Carolina Blue, Vera's in Cherry Hill, Grand Theater in Williamstown, House of Brews in Turnersville, Hi Nella Inn, Ott's on the Green Bar & Grill in Sewell NJ, Riverwinds and Washington Township outdoor Amphitheaters, Racks Pub & Grill in Williamstown, NJ and other clubs throughout the area.

Unequaled performance opportunities

School bands, orchestras, wind ensembles, and traditional chorus programs often provide little or no performance opportunities for electric guitar players, drum set players and pop singers. But at Old Towne Music, your child can perform on stage, in concert, and become more creative and confident while learning the value of working with others. It's amazing to see the confidence level rise with every kid after only one show. We find shy kids coming out of their box, and kids who have been struggling with their instrument shine.

Dedicated coaching

Our brilliant teachers are incredibly positive and motivating. Students love their patience and dedication. Rock U students learn what it takes to play WITH other instruments, how to listen to each other, and what it takes to perform, all with the encouraging mentorship of an experienced teacher!

State-of-the-art equipment

We have everything you need for Rock University, including a sound system and microphones. We have a background in performance and sound, so we know what it takes!

Large, comfortable rehearsal space that's ready to rock

We have a dedicated state-of-the-art 400 square foot room for rehearsals, with a 24 channel digital sound board, microphones, backline (amps, drums, keys), monitors and a phenomenal sound system, for the best possible experience! Our extensive knowledge and background in performance and sound makes our Rock U program unrivaled.

Cost for Rock University

Two Options to choose from:
$250 per month and a once a week 30 minute private lesson whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month. And the weekly Rock U program. Average Monthly cost for Rock U in this program averages only $100 per month.
$150 per month for Rock U only without a private music lesson.
Both of the 4 month programs above include the 16 weekly 3 hour band rehearsals followedby 2 concerts. We sometimes add additional shows as well.


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